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About Me

Cheryl Mirabella is president of Mirabella & Associates, a thriving business established in 1992 which provides a "unique" and much needed service of matching qualified independent management and human resource consultants with organizations.
Ms. Mirabella is an advocate of learning and education and believes through knowledge comes awareness ... and then all positive change is possible.

Ms. Mirabella recognized one of the primary needs of the organizations was to find more creative and cost efficient ways to get "the job done" with less overall resources. Additionally, she was aware of the many talented independent consultants who were available and were new to the idea of self-marketing. Ms. Mirabella enjoys the process of "matching" the needs of companies with the varied talents of consultants taking into consideration each companies own unique culture and corporate vision.

Some of her clients include, The Discovery Channel, Cable & Wireless, The United Way of America, The Department of Energy, The US Navy, Sato Travel and The American Plastics Council, Gannett, Acacia, Fannie Mae, Citicorp, US Treasury & IBM, Marriott, Carr America, EPA, GWSAE, Department of Interior, Ernst & Young , FAA, & The FBI.

Ms. Mirabella has no shortage of Marketing and Sales success. Her career of over 25 years brought her many wins including bringing a start up computer consulting firm from 3 employees and under 100K in sales to over 200 employees and personally closing over $40 million in sales in less than 3 years.

Throughout her career Ms. Mirabella has taken a great interest in volunteer activities. As Chairman of Community Outreach for the National Association of Professional Saleswomen, she began a program entitled "What Women Can Do", this program matched professional speakers and trainers into local homeless shelters to provide life skills training.

Ms. Mirabella is a training  broker, speaker and health coach. She speaks on a large variety of health related topics  thru her sister company livingwholehealth.com .  Here are a few of her classes "Eating for Energy", "Superfoods RX" "Quick and Healthy Meals on a Busy Schedule" and her in demand "Stress Reduction Techniques" class. Cheryl is an avid student herself ,  completing her Masters Degree Program in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, a certifiication in Nutritional Health Coaching and Advanced training in Mind -Body Skills. She resides in beautiful Rappahanock County , VA  with her husband and son.